Celebrating Social Connections
1-31 October 2023

Queensland is gearing up to enjoy the third annual Queensland Seniors Month.

From humble beginnings when it began as Old People’s Week in October of 1960, the statewide celebration has outgrown its nine-day week and has become a month-long event.

Now in its 63rd year Queensland Seniors Month, 1-31 October, will provide opportunities for people across all generations to connect and challenge our own stereotypical views of ageing and the aged.  It also provides opportunities for people to discover local programs, services and volunteering opportunities, which may assist in reducing social isolation.

Beginning on Sunday 1 October, the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, Queensland’s Seniors Month will include National Grandparents Day, on Sunday 29 October before ending on 31 October 2023.

Reinforced by our continued theme of ‘Social Connections’, Seniors Month aims to increase the social connectedness of communities throughout Queensland. Simply put it’s going to be a Connect Fest!

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COTA (Council on the Ageing) Queensland coordinates Seniors Month on behalf of the Queensland Government and receives funding to collaboratively plan and subsidise events and activities.

Together with the State Government, we value the contributions older people have made and continue to make in their communities. Whether as volunteers or in the workforce, community leaders or carers, grandparents, or advocates.

This program aligns with our shared vision of building Age-friendly communities.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Seniors Month a national event?

To clarify, this is not a national event.   Presently the states and territories celebrate Seniors Months or Weeks at different times of the year.  Also, for various lengths of time.  This makes Queensland Seniors Month, unique to Queenslanders.

What are the dates of Seniors Month?

Beginning on Sunday 1 October, the United Nations International Day of Older Persons, Queensland Seniors Month will include National Grandparents Day, on Sunday 29 October before ending on 31 October 2023.

What is the theme?

We are continuing to celebrate with the theme of Social Connections.

There is no denying the importance of feeling socially connected and to do this we need caring supportive communities that foster and support social connections through spaces, places, and activities.

Healthy social connections contribute to our sense of belonging, to our identity and to our access to resources.

As a result of the events and activities held, together, we can increase the feeling of social connectedness for all Queenslanders.  In addition, having healthy social connections not only contributes to our sense of belonging but our overall health and wellbeing.

This makes our continued theme of Social Connections incredibly important.

What are the objectives?

The five objectives of Queensland Seniors Month 2023 are:

  1. Change traditional perceptions on ageing. Advancements in medicine and technology have enabled seniors to live longer with the opportunity to contribute to their communities.
  2. Connect older Queenslanders to inclusive events and activities by producing culturally inclusive, intergenerational or lifestyle events/activities for Queenslanders in their communities.
  3. Create opportunities for older Queenslanders to continue to participate in activities beyond Queensland Seniors Month.
  4. Encourage older Queenslanders to live active and healthy lives with improved physical and mental wellbeing.
  5. Enhance opportunities for older Queenslanders to continue to learn through community education, lifelong learning, and digital literacy.

How it all started

COTA Queensland initiated the first Queensland Seniors Week in October 1960, and it was originally known as Old people’s Week.

More than six decades on, the now Queensland Seniors Month provides opportunities to promote positive community attitudes towards older people and ageing, facilitate community participation, and enhance community connections, aligning with the Queensland Government’s and Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland’s vision of building Age-friendly communities in Queensland.

Who is COTA Queensland?

COTA Queensland is a for purpose registered charity.  We are committed to advancing the rights, needs, interests, and futures of people as we age.

Our vision is that ageing in Queensland is a time of possibility, opportunity and influence.

Committed to speaking out on the impact of systemic inequalities, disadvantage and discrimination to achieve our vision.

Together with older people, community organisations, service providers, peak agencies, researchers, Governments, and the COTAs around Australia, we inform and influence.

Overall we advocate through membership of advisory committees, public statements, submissions, and support programs that align with our objectives.

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