Planning events, especially during a global pandemic, can be stressful but it can also be an exciting time to try something new.

Thanks to the internet and advances with software we can now connect with one and other from, almost, anywhere in the world.

Virtual and hybrid events allow for people to connect and celebrate safely from the comforts of their homes or in groups at their local community organisations, retirement villages and residential aged care facilities.

They also provided a great opportunity for people to gain access to events and activities they may not have previously been able due to geographical constraints.

To assist people to access virtual events there are a range of digital literacy programs available.  Be Connected  has a range of great resources that can be printed in addition Telstra’s  Tech Savvy Seniors resources available in English and other languages.

Virtual activities may include:

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Virtual cuppa and chat
  • Dance classes
  • Art classes
  • Concerts
  • Online forums
  • Museum and gallery tours
  • Trivia and other games
  • and more!

So, let’s come together Queensland, it’s going to be a connect fest!